Privacy granted

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We believe the privacy we promise to give you is essential as you journey online because, for most of us, going completely “off the grid” and avoiding the internet altogether is not feasible. We have to share our personal information just about everywhere to receive services, purchase products, cross international borders, and much more. And it’s normal to share information for a value exchange that benefits all parties involved in that process; many of us do this every single day.

But when one of the parties involved decides to use that information for unintended purposes, and often without the consent of the person whose data is being exchanged, that privacy is being violated. Unfortunately, when we share our information, we lose control over it. We have to trust other parties involved in this transaction to use data for only its intended purpose and, further, protect it from being accessed by others. This loss of control is accentuated online but also exists in the non-digital environment.

So how do we ensure that we can share personal details without fear of losing control? How do we limit the use of our private information for only the intended purpose? How do we safeguard it from others not part of the original data share and still receive goods and services in exchange? At FigLeaf, we think we’ve created the ultimate suite of solutions.

Our vision for a private, protected future

In an ideal world, we would be able to share without fear. We wouldn’t have to trust anyone we did not wish to, because our personal information would always remain under our own control. Our long-term goal at FigLeaf is to make this dream a reality. We’ve worked tirelessly to create privacy features that can provide us all with the protection we seek.

FigLeaf benefits

Realizing our full vision is what gets us out of bed every day and ready to do our work. Getting there will be a long journey, which we’ve only just begun to map out. But we do have some elements ready out of the gates, which you can try today. We welcome any feedback on how these early-stage solutions work for you as you work, browse, and shop online. The path to our vision needs your input to create features that work for everyone.

  • Exposed Data Scan: Get notified if your information has been leaked in a data breach
  • Safe Logins: Use a masked email to sign up on new websites
  • Masked Cards: Use a virtual credit card for purchases, keeping your real card information hidden
  • Private Connection: Use any public or private Wi-Fi network without security concerns
  • Anti-Tracker: Prevent advertisers from following and taking advantage of your online habits and interests

In short, we promise that FigLeaf will allow you to do what you love online, with total control over your experience and level of privacy. Isn’t that what the internet is all about?

Author: FigLeaf Team