We take the loss of privacy personally.

Privacy is something that should be embraced, not something we should be ashamed of. But here we are in a world where we’re expected to give up our privacy. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.
So let’s take a step back. Let’s question those who want to take privacy away from us. And let’s regain control and enjoy privacy the way it should be.

We believe in real privacy.

Privacy is the defining challenge facing this generation.

It’s incredibly personal and highly emotional.

Privacy is critical to being true to yourself. Only in your private moments are you free to express yourself.

Just like our users, we’re inquisitive. That’s what drives us to reimagine real privacy for everyone, in a way that’s truly personal.

We’re committed to creating the best privacy solution. But we recognize doing so will require resolve.

We know things change. That’s why we never stop thinking about what tomorrow’s privacy looks like.

Our Mission

We're making privacy a choice by giving users complete control of their personal information.

Our Team

Slava Kolomeichuk

Co-Founder, CEO

Slava is the founder of multiple companies with a track record of launching and growing companies that impact millions of lives globally. He has founded software, consumer gadget and gaming companies in the past. He is passionate about building mission driven companies that help create a new normal by meaningfully impacting human lives.

“ Privacy is a social necessity. This is what makes us different, interesting and hence, human. If we can provide people a choice to be private some of the time, we give them the opportunity to fully embrace their own creativity. ” - Slava

Yuriy Dvoinos

Co-Founder, CRO

Yuriy is a serial entrepreneur with multiple companies launched under his belt. Beside growing new companies, he has been instrumental in promoting global learning through non-profit programs equipping upcoming entrepreneurs with tools for success and access to global mentors.

“ War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, and Ignorance Is Strength. ” - Yuriy*
*George Orwell, 1984

Lyn Tran


Lyn is an accomplished product leader with 15 + years of experience in launching new products serving global consumers. She is keenly aware of customer needs and pains that drives her passion for solving real problems impacting millions of people daily. Her previous companies include Symantec and Malwarebytes.

“ As a parent and digital citizen, I deserve the space to be me. Most of time I will share that space with people and organizations I care about - but on my terms. I believe, you deserve the same. ” - Lyn

Pankaj Srivastava


Pankaj is a seasoned marketing leader with a track record of building well known global brands. He believes in understanding human problems and gets excited about launching products that help us overcome genuine problems. He previously led global consumer marketing for McAfee.

“ Privacy is the defining challenge of our generation. With current uncontrolled invasion of our personal space, we are in danger of losing our sense of self and true exploration of our abilities as humans. ” - Pankaj

Mariya Prus


Mari brings 15+ years of experience in human resource management. She is passionate about creating a team based on a culture of honesty and transparency. She has helped companies across media, technology and industrial sectors develop high performing global teams through recruitment, training and employee relationships.

“ Privacy gives us an opportunity to be close to billions of people and to be in harmony because we are all unique ” - Mari

Sergey Lyakhov

VP, Engineering

Sergey is a passionate technologist who has worked with technology teams across multiple product lines. He is driven by a desire to build products that are simple to use and that leverage latest technology tools to solve consumer pain points.

I believe in Privacy as this is one of the most unsecured part of surfing the Internet and is becoming more important over time. ” - Sergey

Igor Bobrov


Igor is an expert Financial Executive who has lead corporate and investment finance teams across multiple sectors and across the globe. Be it technology, lending or agriculture, Igor has created sound financial systems and methods for young companies to just worry about growth and solving customer problems.

“ In my daily work life, dealing with numbers tends to become an impersonal exercise. Over the years I have come to realize that behind the numbers and financial data lie real people and lives. Companies all over the world treat humans as data and I believe human beings are not defined by data but rather their aspirations and hopes. ” - Igor

Jonathan Organ

Head of Corporate Development

Jonathan is a seasoned corporate financier with many years of experience helping companies create and execute corporate strategies. His passion is value creation for customers through creative blending of teams, technologies and strategic initiatives. He has spent time with global investment banks, including Harris Williams & Co and DC Advisory Partners, and is also a qualified lawyer.

“ As my young family grows, it truly scares me that the data created from their increasing interactions with the internet is not their own; I want to help change that and to give them the privacy that I enjoyed when I was growing up. ” - Jonathan

What the press is saying

" FigLeaf, a Silicon Valley-based startup, is now beta-testing a privacy dashboard that helps consumers control what personal information online sites see. "


" FigLeaf's approach is to give users the best of both worlds: complete privacy and a regular online presence. "


" Through the app, users will also get tools to take back their private data and have the final say in who can or cannot have access it. "


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