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According to the Zero-Knowledge architecture, the system doesn't know any information about the user except user email, so we know nothing about the password and if the user needs to reset a password user needs to go through the password recovery flow where the user has to use it's own (Security Key)Recovery Key, there is no other way to reset the password.

Starting from system version 5.2.0, there were significant changes in the Zero-Knowledge architecture. This update has made the Zero-Knowledge more accessible and user-friendly by allowing users to log in without the need to manually enter the Security Key and also the ability to recover lost account passwords with the “Recovery Key” and email confirmation. The users from the lower versions have to go through the migration process to be able to use a new version of the application.

If the user account was created with a version upper than 5.2.0 there is no possibility to use an application version lower than 5.2.0 with the same user, please update the application version to the latest one.

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