About Zero-Knowledge

We live in an era where data is everything. So why would a company prefer to know nothing about you?
That’s a question we get asked a lot at FigLeaf. But with a focus on privacy, our zero-knowledge approach to data is a no-brainer. Your privacy means everything to us, so we prefer to know nothing about you.

What is zero-knowledge?

In a nutshell, it means we don’t know any of the information stored in your FigLeaf account. We verify and validate your data when you need to use it, all without knowing what that data actually is.
All data stored in FigLeaf is only accessible by you. When FigLeaf needs a bit of data (to log you in to a site, for example), it decrypts your info on the fly using your password. Because only you know these details, no one can access your info but you. For example, the emails and passwords for your favorite sites are stored in FigLeaf so you can log in anywhere, quickly and privately. When you go to sign in to one of your favorite sites, FigLeaf decrypts these details, auto-fills your info, and logs you in. At no time can FigLeaf see your emails and passwords. To us, it’s just a bunch of useless data.

How is my data stored?

All FigLeaf account data is securely stored locally on your device and on our server for syncing between your other devices. And everything is encrypted using the XSalsa20, Argon2, and Blake2b algorithms. That means no one can access, read, or edit your data without your master password. And no one knows it but you. Not even us.

What data does FigLeaf collect? 

Only the tiniest bit of information is needed to make FigLeaf work — your email address, specifically. We need this information so you can log in to your account on all your devices, and so we know where to forward emails sent to your masked email addresses.
We don’t require your name, home address, phone number, or any other personally identifiable information to create your account.
If we do need some information to help with a transaction, we’ll ask for your explicit consent first. For more information, please refer to FigLeaf Privacy Policy.

Why is zero-knowledge so important to FigLeaf?

When we sat down to build FigLeaf, we had your privacy at top of mind. That includes doing everything we can to ensure that your personal information can’t be compromised. So, we built the app with our proprietary “zero-knowledge” solution architecture. It ensures that only you hold the key to your identity and no outside party can access your personal information. After all, what good is a privacy app if the company behind it doesn’t respect your privacy?

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