How to Deactivate Your Facebook Account

In our first installment of the Facebook detox, we walked you through how to find out what kind of information Facebook has collected about you.. If you’re reading this, you’re probably fed up with the kind of information Facebook knows about you and you’re ready to deactivate your account.

It’s easy to do. Once you’re logged in, go here. At the bottom of the section, click Deactivation and Deletion.

Next, choose Deactivate Account. We will cover permanent account deletion in another article.

You will need to re-enter your password to confirm, but that’s not the last step. Facebook will redirect you to a page dedicated to convincing you to stay.

Note that choosing “any reason” under Reason for leaving will encourage Facebook to try to stop you from deactivating your account through different pop-ups.

For example, if you choose This is temporary. I'll be back, it will suggest that you log out for a few days. By the way, 7 days is the maximum amount of time — not the best idea if you’re planning a month long Facebook detox. 

Now let’s talk about privacy. If you choose I have a privacy concern as the reason for leaving, Facebook will show you a pop-up with a suggestion to visit their Privacy policy. If you have the time to actually read it, you’ll find that there really isn’t much privacy to be found — Facebook really does collect everything.  

Regardless of your reasons to quit Facebook, don’t forget to check the opt-out box for receiving future emails from Facebook. If you don’t, you’ll still receive emails from Facebook when somebody from your friends list tags  you in a photo or invites you to an event.

You simply press Deactivate and continue to enjoy your life without Facebook.

Note: You can continue to use the Facebook Messenger app, even after deactivating your Facebook account. Deactivating it on mobile requires a separate process. You can check it here.

Deactivating your account not far enough? If you’ve made the decision to completely leave Facebook, we’ll walk you through the process.

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