How to Download the Data Facebook Collects About You

In today’s digital environment, data is everything, and your information is the most valuable asset. So naturally, the biggest tech giants in the world are busy collecting and indexing everything on everyone. You deserve to know what information Facebook has collected about you, so we’ve put together a handy guide to show you how to find out. It turns out, not as complicated as it may seem.

How to download the file with your information from Facebook?

The first step is to open Facebook. Then, navigate to Settings>Your Facebook information

Next, click View>Download Your Information. Here you can see a page to request a copy of your data. You can specify the date range, format, and media quality. The last option is quite useful if you want to download all your Facebook photos in one click.

You can also specify categories you’re most interested in and eliminate the ones you’re not by unticking irrelevant boxes.

 But let’s suppose you’ve ticked all the boxes and want to download all of your data. Click Create File and then sit back and wait. The amount of time it takes for Facebook to prepare your file depends on how much data you’ve requested. Once the file is ready, you can find it in Available Copy.

By default, Facebook will download data for the last year.. My file was 1.42GB and took Facebook approximately a day to generate the filed. It’s worth mentioning that I was not a very active Facebook user for the past 12 months, so 1.42GB is relatively small.

Note: you can access your information anytime without downloading a file here.


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