How to Permanently Delete your Facebook account

The hardest choices require the strongest of wills. If you’ve decided to quit Facebook entirely, please follow these steps. Once logged in, go here.

If you want to continue using the Messenger app, you won’t be able to completely delete your account. Consider deactivating instead by following the steps mentioned in the second article of our Facebook series. 

When you delete your account, Facebook will suggest that you download all your information. Read our first article in our Facebook series to find out how.  

Once again, after pressing Delete account you will need to re-enter your password.

Note #1: If you sign in elsewhere using your Facebook account, you won’t be able to access them after deleting your Facebook account. Make sure you check which app using Facebook Login, and then change your login credentials for these accounts. 

Change your mind?

You can cancel your account deletion if it's been less than 30 days.. After the 30-day mark, this won’t be possible. To cancel deletion, just log in to your account and choose Cancel deletion

One more thing about deleting your account. According to Facebook’s Data Policy, it takes more than 6 months to delete copies of your information from their backup systems. So be patient. You can boost this process by providing them with a copy of your government-issued ID for verification purposes. Once verified, Facebook is obliged to delete your data from their logs 30 days after you’ve made your request. It’s worth mentioning that providing additional personal information to Facebook goes against your desire for more privacy.

One last word on your Facebook privacy

After you’ve deleted your account, Facebook claims to delete most of your data, but not everything. Things like your message history or friends’ photos that you’re tagged in will not be attached to your account. But they’ll still be alive and kicking. Remember, another person who continues to use Facebook has access to them. Always.

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