How to hide your activity and location from others, and encrypt your data

Sometimes you just don’t want to be seen. FigLeaf has you covered with the privacy you need. Perfect for public Wi-Fi or even your home network, FigLeaf lets you connect privately and hide your location and activity from ISPs and anyone monitoring the network. And when you connect privately, your data is encrypted so it’s unreadable in transit. 

In the app:

1) Click Private connection in the FigLeaf app

2) Turn it on for all sites in the upper right corner.

Using the FigLeaf extension:

1) When on a site, click the green leaf at the top of your web browser.

2) Turn on Private connection for all sites or only for that specific site.

With the floating button:

1) Click the floating button in the bottom right corner of your browser.

2) Click your current location.

3) Turn on Private connection for the site you’re on.

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