How to hide your activity and interests while browsing

If you feel like advertisers are following you around online wherever you go, there’s a reason for that — trackers. Some trackers are designed to personalize your experience while you use a website. But a lot of trackers exist specifically to learn your online habits and interests, and help companies profit from your information. 

With FigLeaf, you can block trackers for one specific site or for all sites at once. It’s your call.

To block trackers for a single site in the FigLeaf extension:

1) Click the green leaf at the top of your web browser.

2) Turn on Block trackers to block them on that specific site.

3) Enjoy some peace and quiet.

To block trackers on all sites in the FigLeaf app:

1) Open the FigLeaf app.

2) Turn on Block trackers.

3) Trackers will now be blocked everywhere.

To block trackers on a specific site with the FigLeaf floating button:

1)Click the floating button in the bottom right corner of your browser.

2) Click the number of unblocked trackers.

3) Turn on Anti-tracker for the specific site.

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