How to Import & Export Accounts?

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FigLeaf allows you to import accounts’ credentials from your browsers and CSV file that can be generated by other password managers.

To import accounts to the FigLeaf app, click the Settings, then, navigate to the Advanced tab.

In the next displayed dialog box, select the source from which you want to import credentials. 

It can be the browser that you use most or *.csv file.

Browser:  Select the browser from which you want to import credentials. Check one or multiple items and click the Import & Check. Usernames and passwords are added to FigLeaf Beta automatically and checked for breaches as well.

CSV file: In case you need to import credentials from a .csv file (file type used to import a list of credentials from one app to another), click the From a CSV file tab in the same dialog box. You can drag and drop a .csv file to this screen or click the Choose CSV file to import it.


To export your saved credentials from Figleaf Beta to CSV file or just to keep them as a backup (not recommended since all credentials are unencrypted), click the Export to csv in the Settings on the Advanced tab.

Because of the high-security standard FigLeaf Beta master requests a password (your login password) to verify that the account owner does this action.

By default, the name of the file with all saved credentials is ‘My passwords.csv’.

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