Masked emails and auto-filling

Email Masking Concept

Masked emails are really simple. When you sign up somewhere new, FigLeaf offers to generate a unique, random email address, so you can keep your real email private. The masked email is an intermediary between the website you created an account with and your original email, so you’ll always get your messages. For example, let’s say you sign up for a Reddit account using a masked email. When Reddit emails something to your custom FigLeaf address, it’s magically sent to your real email address. So what are the benefits?

  • Because your real email is hidden, the website you signed up won’t be able to sell it or hand it over to third-party companies.

  • If the site you signed up at is ever compromised, your real email won’t be part of the data breach. And because your emails are automatically forwarded, you’ll still receive everything in your personal inbox.

Sign up

 Generated email on the left, username and generated password on the right

FigLeaf automatically recognizes empty fields on signup pages and offers to fill them in with randomly generated credentials. By clicking the FigLeaf icon next to the field, you can auto-fill these credentials:

  • Username

  • Email address (the email address is the same as the username, plus the email domain name

  • Password

Generating a password works the same way. Just click the FigLeaf icon at the end of the password form and click Create Strong Password. Do the same with the Confirm Password form to paste the password you just generated here.

Email Masking full view

When you create a new account, FigLeaf offers to save your masked credentials. It’s highly recommended to save all your generated credentials.

Save new credentials to FigLeaf

Sign in

Signing in to a site works the same way. On a login page, just click the  FigLeaf icon next to the Email/Username field. Then choose the credentials you saved earlier when you signed up.

Sign in process

Email Redirection

As soon as you create an account with a masked email, new emails will be redirected to your real email address — the one you used when you created your FigLeaf account.

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