How to scan your email for breaches

Have you been part of a data breach? FigLeaf can find out. In about a minute, you’ll know if your email and any accounts tied to it are exposed for others to see. 

FigLeaf checks public databases and the dark web for your info, tells you when and where the breach occurred, and then gives you the tools you need to make sure no one can access your personal info moving forward.

1) In the app, look for My accounts.

2) Click Check another email for breaches in the upper right corner.

3) Enter an email and verify it belongs to you.

4) See if the email or any accounts tied to it were breached, then follow the instructions to fix everything.

Once you add and check and account, your details are saved in FigLeaf. If a breach occurs in the future, FigLeaf notifies you about it immediately. Smart!

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