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The FigLeaf public beta is now open. Get a sneak peek of how one app gives you
everything you need to take total control of your privacy online.

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One app has everything you need
to stay in control of your privacy

Scan for breaches

FigLeaf digs deep to find out
if your personal info
is on the internet or the dark web.
And if your info shows up
in a future breach, you’ll know
about it right away.

Mask your email

Signing up somewhere new?
FigLeaf gives you a random,
alternate email to use instead, so
you can keep your real address
private. And you'll still receive your
email in your real inbox.

Connect privately

Internet providers and the
websites you visit should know
nothing about your online activity.
And they won't. Use FigLeaf to
hide your location and encrypt
traffic while browsing.

Auto-fill your login info

Sign in anywhere without having
to type your email and password.
FigLeaf remembers the logins for
your favorite sites and keeps
everything encrypted, so you’re
always private.

Block trackers

Most sites you visit have trackers
baked right in, designed to follow
you around the internet and let
advertisers learn all about you.
FigLeaf stops them in their tracks.

Be private everywhere

FigLeaf works on all your devices.
So go ahead and install it
wherever you go online.
Everything is always in sync, so
you’re always good to go with the
privacy you need.

What's in it for you

Exclusive access

You'll be one of the first people on the planet to feel what it's like to take back your online privacy. Go ahead and brag.

Free to enjoy

There's no charge for FigLeaf while we're in beta mode. So enjoy more privacy, on us.

24/7 support

If you need help along the way, we're here through live chat or by email.
Your privacy is a big deal to us, so everything you do is encrypted on our servers and on your device. If we need access to your information to help you with a transaction, we need your explicit permission to do so. Without that permission and without your private key, we can't decrypt your personal data. That means no one can see it. Not even us. It's our Zero Knowledge Promise to you.

It's easy to join
the FigLeaf beta program

Step 1

Download FigLeaf

Step 2

Set it up

Step 3

Use it and fill out the
in-app survey

People just like you
are loving FigLeaf

Here's some feedback from real FigLeaf users who took our survey.
Everything was once again very simple.
Enabling the secure connection was a
simple click as was stopping tracking
Anonymous Tiger
I found it easy to use the extension
features. I tried covering my browsing
interests and noticed that many threats
were being blocked, so that seems
to work well! I also tried signing up for
a new website and masking my email
and password and that worked
very well!
Anonymous Fox
Easy to use and scroll through,
provided useful information
on improving my privacy.
Anonymous Lion