Privacy Promise

We believe that when privacy is a choice, humanity is free. Free to think, to create, to explore and to lead us forward. We don’t want anonymity. Rather, we want the choice to be private some of the time. We want to be known and recognized for the good we bring, but we also need personal time to think and create without someone looking over our shoulders.

It is with this belief the FigLeaf team has adopted a “Privacy by Design” philosophy. We promise to only gather your personal information when you choose to share it with us. We have also developed our systems to be “Zero-Knowledge”, where only you hold the key to your data. Without your key, no one can access any of your personal data – not even us.

Even with your permission to gather personal details, we pledge to use only anonymized data and only to provide you with a more beneficial product experience. Your personal behavior on our website or how you use our app will never be tied to you individually. When we send messages to you, it will be to alert you about what new features we have built for you, the status of your product and your purchase – and no more. See more information in our Privacy Policy.
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Your privacy is our number one priority.
Say yes to privacy as a choice!