The choice to be private is all yours.

There’s a lot of you out there. Shouldn’t you get to decide who sees it? Now you can, with FigLeaf.

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How real privacy works


Peel back the curtains and find out what personal info is floating around online.


Choose to make your emails, passwords, payments, and activity private with a click.


Take control — stay
private whenever you
want to.

  • Name: John Doe
  • SSN: 012 - 34 - 5678
  • Bank: Morgan Cheese Bank
  • Card Number: 1234 5678 9012 3456
  • Email:
  • Password: mysecretpass123@
  • Phone Number: +1-800-444-4444
  • Phone Model: Star Note 9
  • Favorite site:

Why FigLeaf?

Our personal info is so valuable that everyone wants a piece of it. Advertisers. ISPs. Search engines. Social networks. Online merchants. You name it.

They get to decide what happens to our personal info. What we see. What we consume. Where our info ends up. That’s the way the internet works.

That’s why we built FigLeaf — to give you the choice to be private. With FigLeaf, the internet is yours again.

Your privacy is everything to us. So we prefer to know nothing about you.
Here’s what this means:

Only the tiniest bit of info is needed to make FigLeaf work. For everything else, we ask for your permission.

Your data is encrypted on our servers and on your device. To decrypt it, FigLeaf needs your password — and only you know it.

If we ever need some info to help with a transaction, we’ll ask for it first. You’re always in control of what you share with us.

  • Scan for breaches

    Enter your email or add your favorite accounts. FigLeaf gets to work and checks if your personal info has been exposed.

  • Mask your email

    It’s your personal email. There’s no reason it should be public. With FigLeaf, you get a masked email to use when signing up at new sites.

  • Log in automatically

    Create strong and unique passwords for each of your favorite sites. FigLeaf remembers everything and logs you in securely.

  • Connect privately

    You shouldn’t have to think twice about the security of that café Wi-Fi or even your home internet. And you won’t, with Private Connection.

  • Block trackers

    Without tracking protection, advertisers can find out your online habits and interests. Stop them in their tracks with FigLeaf’s Anti-Tracker.

  • coming soon!

    Mask your payments

    Shop happy with Masked Cards. FigLeaf has your back with a virtual card that keeps your real number private whenever you buy something online.

  • Scan for breaches
  • Mask your email
  • Log in automatically
  • Connect privately
  • Block trackers
  • Mask your payments

What the press is saying

" FigLeaf, a Silicon Valley-based startup, is now beta-testing a privacy dashboard that helps consumers control what personal information online sites see. "

" FigLeaf's approach is to give users the best of both worlds: complete privacy and a regular online presence. "

" Through the app, users will also get tools to take back their private data and have the final say in who can or cannot have access it. "

Kudos from real (and really private) users

" This product is a great idea and I love that you have the ability to use one time emails to protect your privacy. "

Jacoby M.

" Many many important aspects to FigLeaf that make being online much more safe for my privacy and make me feel much more secure while i am online. "

Mark N.

" Very nice interface. Clean and simple but intuitive to use. I really like the notifications of potential threats to your accounts. "

Josh W.

" The program was easy to install and worked seamlessly with my browser and email. "

Stacey P.

The privacy you deserve is here.

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